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  • Certified ( UL / ISO 9001:2015 )

Process Key Aspects


Ultra Metal Finishing was featured in Powder Coating Magazine for sponsoring development of the industry's first hybrid powder booth. This hybrid powder booth is at the heart of our operation, in a temperature and humidity controlled clean room. The term "hybrid" refers to the capability to run automated and/or manual powder guns. This enables us to quickly and efficiently run a wide variety of parts and quantities with a simple setup. We can process runs consisting of a few parts to 10's of thousands of parts per day. We have the capacity to turn around large runs in short lead times. Our processess have even been studied by a leading manufacturer, and used as the benchmark for others to follow. We take this as a compliment, but not a substitute for our knowhow and dedication to quality.


Ultra Metal Finishing was a pioneer in Minnesota switching to Phosphate free Nano technology pre-treatment in our 6 stage wash on our automated conveyor. We take the extra step to use pure R/O water in all wash stages to ensure consistent cleaning and rust treatment for long term durability. Our wash system is engineered with a proprietary heat exchange and temperature control system to ensure proper chemical reaction for optimal surface pre-treatment. The equipment manufacturer recognized Ultra Image for our innovative controls applied to their high-end equipment. This equipment utilizes a new technology called ZirconizationTM. This process is a Phosphate-free Nano Technology that utilizes transition metal and rinse water quality maximization techniques. It enables us to minimize the need for process heat and also minimizes labor associated with phosphate sludge and improves quality which allows us to pass savings on to our customers.

Skilled Workforce

We continue to do custom one-off projects for hobbyists who demand the highest grade finish. We believe our expertise and reputation is enhanced from custom projects, and provides us a skill advantage running thousands of pieces per day for our larger customers. Most of our operators have been with Ultra Image for 10 years or more. They take pride in producing a superior quality finish at a competitve price.