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  • Award Winning
  • Certified ( UL / ISO 9001:2015 )

About Us

Ultra Image is a company that, over its 20+ year history, has constantly been innovating. From our implementation of the first hybrid powder booth, to our development of advanced web-application software, we have never been content with the status quo. Our key people are engineers, with backgrounds in pioneering the solutions ordinary people use every day. To us, part of creating a company that represents the future is developing employees who will stay with us. We strive to train and produce talented workers who will find careers at Ultra Image. In short, we seek to reward loyalty with loyalty. Our president often says that while we need to do things well, we also need to do them ethically. By conducting business in a principled way, and treating everyone fairly, we feel that we are creating an environment where Ultra Image can celebrate not just its 20 year anniversary, but also its 100 year one. We understand that no process can be totally perfect, and we thrive in this reality. Truly, each person at Ultra Image is encouraged to improve, and this is a philosophy that has led to developments in everything from our chemical treatment process, to our software. Although perfection may be impossible, it is not futile. By searching for perfection, we feel that we have developed a finish and a process which rivals any on the planet, and all at an affordable price.