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Ultra Metal Finishing uses an advanced web-application based quality control system to enable efficiency and quality.


Ultra's premium equipment, along with its dedicated team of engineers and operators, enables us to take on any challenge.


Unmatched line capacity and efficiency enables Ultra to turn-around customer parts quickly and economically.


About us

Ultra has a proven track record of innovation and attention to detail in processing parts, assembly/kits, labeling, and packaging. Our continuous improvement culture is driven by daily VOC, and an experienced workforce.

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Powder Coating / Removal, Automatic Anodizing

Ultra Metal Finishing operates in four primary areas of business.
These include our Powder Coating Line, our Powder Coating Batch System, our Chemical Stripping System, and our Anodizing Line.

Powder Coat Conveyer Line

  • Max Part Dimensions: 63” x 48” x 96”
  • First hybrid powder booth in Minnesota – Auto and manual guns
  • Wide variety of racks and fixtures for maximum line density
  • Advanced deionization-based dust mitigation process
  • State of the art 6-stage wash and pre-treatment
  • Environmentally friendly, phosphate-free nano technology
  • Zirconium rust protection passes 1,000 hr OEM salt spray requirements
  • R/O water used in all 6 stages of our wash ensures the highest quality cleaning and pre-treatment by removing the possibility of water contaminants

Powder Coat Batch System

  • Max Part Dimensions: 6ft x 6ft x 15 ft
  • Stainless steel wash bay
  • State of the art chemical pre-treatment process

Chemical Stripping System

  • 101" x 96" Stainless steel stripping tank
  • Chemical agitated and heated for maximum performance and quality
  • Auxillary tanks for rinse and treatment

Automatic Anodizing Line

  • Type II & Hardcoat Anodizing
  • 26 tank system
  • 18" x 62" x 34" Work envelope
  • Three color anodizing system
  • Advanced thickness controller to precisely control thickness and control operating efficiency
  • In-line spray rinse bay to remove chlorides and suflates and maximize quality
  • Four types of agitation

Our Experience

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Agriculture / Turf

We serve the agricultural sector through our experience with farming machinery and other equipment


Our experience with architectural and building materials spans our 20+ year history

Automotive Parts

We have significant experience in accurately serving the stringent requirements of the automotive industry

Construction Equipment

We work with a wide array of construction equipment, serving a variety of sectors within this growing industry

Enclosures / Racks

We have antistatic powder which is available for a wide array of electronic enclosures in addition to our UL capability

Food Processing Equipment

Our environmentally friendly and clean practices serve to produce finishes which suit the food processing industry


Our vast experience and strict adherence to quality standards helps us properly serve the needs of the machinery industry

Marine / On-Shore

Our slip resistant and corrosion resistant finishes work to consistently serve the needs of the marine industry


Our consistent quality standards and systematic conveyor line serve the needs of the medical industry

Mining / Energy

Our zirconium pretreatment provides excellent corrosion resistance, serving the tough applications of the mining industry

Motorcycle / Power Sports

We work with a wide array of motorcycle parts, and we consistently meet the standards of this artistic industry

Off Road Vehicles

Our finishes consistently work to serve this industry in a way that meets expectations of both resilience and toughness

Retail Displays

Our inventory of bright, attractive, and tough finishes work to produce effective and resillient store displays

Sheet Metal / Stampings

Our high capacity line, which was designed with an emphasis on both quantity and quality works to serve these industries


Renu Coating Removal

We are one of only three industrial chemical coating removal services in the state, to our knowledge. We remove the coating from our own hooks and racks after use for quick turn around of racks. This ensures proper electrical grounding and powder adherence every time. We also provide our coating removal service to other powder coating plants, including very large manufacturers. Chemical coating removal does not damage the metal surface or heat treatment, which is a problem with alternative coating removal techniques like high temperature burn-off. The removed powder is captured and properly disposed of under our Minnesota license.

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For a Superior Finish

We are always happy to work with our customers, and we desire to provide a superior finish in any and all situations.


Shipping & Packaging

Metal finishing only has value if the newly coated surface is protected during shipping. We pay attention to the details and provide reliable packaging solutions to our customers. We also offer labeling, assembly, and kitting services. These services provide a very cost effective logistics solution for many customers, and the comfort of knowing the job will be done right. Our customers often rely on us to ship assembled and individually packaged products to the final destination, enabling efficiency in timing, freight, and handling.